Stubby’s BBQ


  • Old Geezer
    Published on 08/03/16 at 6:22 pm.

    My wife and I met friends from Little Rock for lunch at Stubby’s BBQ, it was the first time there for any of us. All four of us were very pleased with our meals. My Ribs were done just right with just enough of excellent sauce on them. My sides of Slaw and BBQ Beans were also excellent.

  • Okie Traveler
    Published on 08/02/16 at 7:11 pm.

    This is definitely a “must” if you love BBQ. Awesome service from two very friendly guys when we arrived. The ribs and BBQ sandwich were very very good, not the absolute best ribs that I had ever eaten, but right up there near the top of the list. The atmosphere was very friendly and fun. By the way, you must have a “bowl of beans”, absolutely the best.

  • Justin Buck
    Published on 08/02/16 at 7:07 pm.

    Easily my favorite barbecue joint. Great, homey feel to the interior, friendly staff, and EXCELLENT pulled pork. The sauce is spectacular.

  • Van VanZant
    Published on 31/01/16 at 9:13 pm.

    Wow!. Stubby’s is the kind of bbq I grew up with and have missed since moving to Texas. The jumbo pork sandwich was very generous and good, their spuds are huge, and their ribs were delicious! You have to try their Pot-o-beans too!

  • Robert Bizell
    Published on 31/01/16 at 9:12 pm.

    Great bbq. Great ribs. The people are friendly and have a great attitude. We bought their hats and shirts as our souvenirs from our trip. Would reccommend without a doubt.

  • BM
    Published on 20/10/15 at 2:44 pm.

    We were in Hot Springs recently. we happened to stop at your place, I am so glad we did. your bbq is soooo good that we had to buy some more to bring home. thank you. do you ship out orders to other states like in Texas ? if not I will have to make a quick trip back to hot springs . again thank you great bbq

  • Okie Traveler
    Published on 09/10/15 at 2:18 pm.

    We were in hot springs recently. we happen to stop at your place, I am so glad we did. your bbq is soooo good that we had to buy some more to bring home. thank you. do you ship out orders to other states like in Texas ? if not I will have to make a quick trip back to hot springs. Again thank you – great bbq!

  • wotoadgi
    Published on 11/09/15 at 8:48 am.

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  • Holly Goodnight
    Published on 17/03/15 at 8:37 pm.

    Ordered catering for 25 people and the food was outstanding. Customer service was wonderful and we’re looking forward to ordering again for Christmas. Great place!

  • Tammy Vaught Hill
    Published on 07/10/14 at 3:54 pm.

    The excellent BBQ and customer service!

  • Jason Hill
    Published on 07/10/14 at 3:54 pm.

    Fine ain’t the word hurt my self

  • Robert Prather
    Published on 07/10/14 at 3:53 pm.

    Food is excellent and people are super nice! Will eat here again when I’m in the area!

  • Dick Antoine
    Published on 07/10/14 at 3:52 pm.

    Good good good

  • Shannon Elise Elliott
    Published on 07/10/14 at 3:51 pm.

    Yummy BBQ and peach cobbler

  • Jason N Michelle Morris
    Published on 07/10/14 at 3:51 pm.

    Awesome !!!

  • Misty Jenkins Kerbo
    Published on 07/10/14 at 3:50 pm.

    Great food

  • Jerred Cooley
    Published on 07/10/14 at 3:49 pm.

    Amazing BBQ! Amazing people!

  • Carrie McCarthy Thompson
    Published on 07/10/14 at 3:48 pm.

    The best BBQ in the world!!!

  • Gregory Don Middlebrooks
    Published on 07/10/14 at 3:47 pm.


  • Jared A Bailey
    Published on 07/10/14 at 3:46 pm.

    Best ribs in town! !

  • Dennis R Simpson
    Published on 07/10/14 at 3:45 pm.

    Simply the best. ..Chris and the gang know bbq and service

  • Susan Woolley
    Published on 07/10/14 at 3:45 pm.

    The food and the person to help service you are so good.

  • Lisa Hendricks Wartick
    Published on 07/10/14 at 3:44 pm.

    Awesome!!! Need I say more… I want some ribs and pot of beans right now..

  • Tina Pruitt
    Published on 07/10/14 at 3:43 pm.

    The best BBQ ever and I travel all over the country fcor a living and I eat lots of BBQ. It was even better than the ribs in Mephis TN

  • Joshua Vieau
    Published on 22/09/14 at 7:58 pm.

    Very nice people and clean restaurant, but maybe we didn’t make the best choice in what to order.

  • Andrew Christl
    Published on 22/09/14 at 7:56 pm.

    Best bbq I’ve ever had. Staff was extremely friendly. My only regret was not having the time to go back a second time while in Hot Springs.

  • Dennis King
    Published on 22/09/14 at 7:56 pm.

    Only been once. Was treated amazingly! “We’re out of baked beans and only make em once a day, but if you can wait 20 minutes I’ll go ahead and make you some “! They closed the restaurant, but let us stay like 45 minutes after to finish our huge meal! All done with a smile! Great BBQ, great people! Awesome sauce! Go!

  • Logan Williams
    Published on 22/09/14 at 7:54 pm.

    I have had BBQ all over Memphis, I cook in competition BBQ contest all the time, this was by far the best BBQ I have ever had at a BBQ Restaurant. Great place

  • Tim Barry
    Published on 22/09/14 at 7:53 pm.

    When you want the best Bar-B-Q in Hot Springs, you only have one choice. There’s the BEST and then there’s the rest. STUBBY’S serves up the BBQ for 70 miles or more! Nothing else satisfies, or hits the spot, like a plate of BBQ from Stubby’s of Hot Springs.

  • Giorgio McGee
    Published on 22/09/14 at 7:52 pm.

    Awesome ribs, chopped beef sandwich, and beans. I highly recommend this restaurant.

  • Sharon
    Published on 30/06/14 at 8:45 pm.

    We’re from Michigan and when visiting family in Hot Springs recently, we were told we “had to go to Stubby’s.” What an experience! It’s the cleanest restaurant we had ever been in. The owner, Chris, is reason enough to return because he’s so friendly and welcoming! But the food!! Oh, my! The bean pot, the succulent brisket, pork and chicken, the amazing potato, all enhanced with fabulous barbecue sauce! It was an incredible dining experience, and we can’t wait to go back!

  • Paul and Carol
    Published on 09/06/14 at 7:28 pm.

    After seeing you on BBQ Crawl we stopped in for an ultimate potato. WOW!!!! GOOOOD!!! Saw you knew Adam Brown, one of our heros after reading his book, Fearless. We then went downtown and saw the Walk of Fame next to the Five Star Theatre. When we got back to Illinois we emailed Tom Wilkins of the Five StarTheatre to suggest Adam Brown be put on the walk. Adam probably deserves it more than anybody. Maybe you could say something to Wilkins also? Thanks and good job.

    Paul and Carol

  • Pat Ellmore
    Published on 28/05/14 at 5:35 pm.

    Dear Mr Stubby,

    You probably won’t remember us but myself, my husband and sister (brother-in-law- was in the gun shop next door !) were passing through Hot Springs last October on our 8 week tour of the South (we are from Oxford and Greenwich, England). We happened to be looking at your menu out back when you came along and very kindly invited us in and showed us around Stubby’s, we particularly remember seeing (and smelling) the big vat of bbq sauce bubbling away.

    It was late morning, before you were officially open, so we couldn’t stay to eat as were moving on to our next stop, Clarksdale that afternoon.We were really sorry that we couldn’t stay, but as a parting gift you generously gave us 2 bottles of Stubby’s. Since arriving back home we have used that sauce constantly with friends and family who all agree that it is the best bbq sauce ever. That saying, I wondered if it would be possible to buy a case ? If so, would you be able to quote me a price, including shipping to England ? We’ve almost reached the bottom of the bottle now and summer is almost at an end and it would be wonderful to be able to start next year with a jar or two of Stubby’s.

    My many thanks for your kind hospitality and one of our many good memories of our road trip in the south.

    Kind regards,

    Pat Ellmore
    Oxford, England

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